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Swedish massage

A soothing European Swedish massage technique from light to medium pressure to relieves tension reduce stress, soothe sore joints and muscles, relaxes the nervous system improve circulation and helps detoxification. 

60 min. $98  /  90 min. $148  /  120 min. $198

Essential hot stone massage

Most luxurious & relaxing experience. The warm basalt stones incorporate with your choice of organic essential oil to work on the stressed and tired muscles to create a deeper sense of relaxation also place on chakra points of your back to create a soothing, nurturing and balance within the body and soul.

80 min. $158  /  120 min. $218

Sport massage

This treatment is designed for athlete or physically active individual. Using organic deep heat therapy with hot towel to work on sores and tired muscles, release knots, stretching & lengthen muscle to improve joint mobility and flexibility.

80 min. $168  /  120 min. $238

Hand, Foot and Scalp Massage

For those who do not want the feeling the massage oil on their body but still receiving a total relaxation from head to toes with the most amazing sense of stress relieve by reflexology-inspired treatment.

80 min. $148

Signature Revitalizing Massage

The aromatic powers of organic essential oils incorporate with hot towels on your back, hands and feet to increase relaxation, revitalize your mind rejuvenate your body and renew your senses from head to toes.

80 min. $148  /  120 min. $218

Craniosacral therapy

Holistic practice using very light, intuitive pressure to gently release restrictions influencing the central nervous system gives the feeling of balance and alignment.

80 min. $158


An oriental technique based on the premise that all parts of the body channel to various parts of the feet, hands and ears. Pressure applied to these areas alleviates tension, stress and blocked energy path, stimulating natural healing powers and promoting well-being.

60 min. $118  /  80 min. $158

Myofascial massage

Myofascial release therapy is extremely needed when muscles fibers are injured, the fibers and fascial surrounding it becomes short and tight. This treatment of stretching the fascial is very effective and benefits for athletes and for client with soft tissue ailments including TMJ, chronic back pain, headache and carpal tunnel syndrome, leg cramps.

60 min. $108 / 90 min. $158

Deep Tissue Massage

Using slow deep pressure to help reduce tension and break up scar tissue build up after injury or surgery.

60 min. $118  /  90 min. $178 / 120 min. $248

Lymphatic drainage massage

Gentle massage therapy that helps reduce swelling, flushing out waste/toxin buildup in your tissues can cause developed certain diseases.

Signs you need lymphatic drainage: Allergy, sinus, bloating, tiredness, constipation, skin dry/itch, depress, Digestion, excess weight..

60 min. $98  /  90 min. $148

cbd massage

Total deep relaxing massage with CBD Relief Balm for extra pain relief and relaxation. CBD applied to the entire back, hands & feet or on targeted areas upon request. (Products derived from industrial hemp from an organic farm in Colorado)

80 min. $168

Prenatal massage

Gentle but deep relaxation for the mother-to-be in Second & Third trimester, this prenatal massage is very helpful to relieve aches and pains at lower back also neck and shoulders due to sideways sleeping pattern during the whole duration of pregnancy.

60 min. $108 /  90 min. $158 

Neck, shoulders & back Therapy
w/ cbd

With dry brush and mixtures of sea salt and essential oils to scrub, exfoliate dry dead skin follow with hot towels and CBD to relief back, neck and shoulders pains with deep tissue. Recommended for those hard working souls who sit in front of a computer everyday.

80 min. $168

CBD Body wrap

The ultimate in relaxation, feeling total peace and harmony with CBD applied to your entire body, the body is then wrap in plastic with a warm blanket, helps reduce muscles pain and arthritis symptoms.

80 min. $168


detox mudwrap

Soothe, heal and cleanse the body and mind. The natural healing properties of Dead Sea Mud and selected clays are blended with essential oils which are rich in anti-inflammatory, desensitizing and healing properties. 30 minute massage included.

80 min. $158

body polishing

Dry brush with sea salt scrub to exfoliate dull dry skin, helps boost circulation to the skin surface, reveals soft smooth even skin tone follow with an organic oil to help hydrate and condition skin to prevent dryness, itch and crack skin. 30 minutes massage included.

80 min. $158

massage service add-ons

  • Add CBD Relief Balm to boost the Relief of aches and pains to any targeted areas $18
  • Add Deep Tissue to any massage therapy service $18
  • Add Hot Stone to any therapy treatment basalt stones to a targeted area $10